GEN 3 Tacoma Auto Start


Full disclosure N2 Designs is having me write a new install guide for this kit so if these end up being very similar to his included instructions in the future you will know why. This is not however what I sent him. Similar but that was much more professional. This is just a quick write up.
Available here:
TacoWorld Discussion here:…remote-starter-kit-at-mt-smart-module.568990/
Required tools:

  • Philips head screw driver (long)
  • 10 mm socket and ratchet combo
  • Trim removal tools (recommended but not required)

Box contents:

  • Remote start module x1
  • Wiring harness x1

Remove lower steering column cover.

  1. Rotate steering wheel 90° off center in either direction.
  2. Remove screw in lower steering column cover.
  3. Rotate steering wheel 90° off center in the opposite direction of first turn.
  4. Remove screw in lower steering column cover.
  5. Squeeze both sides of lower steering column cover together and pull down. This will pop the cover loose. The upper and lower covers are clipped together.
  6. Slide lower cover forward and down to remove. Set aside.

Remove driver side Door Entry Panel.

  1. The Door Entry Panel is the bottom plastic cover between the driver seat and the door.
  2. This is clipped in. Pull straight up or use trim tools to pop clips loose. Work rear to front until panel is free. Set aside.

Remove driver side Kick Panel.

  1. On the firewall there is one plastic clip. To remove this clip use 10mm socket. It should come loose with a half turn.
  2. Using trim tools if available pull the kick panel towards the rear and center of the vehicle. Two white angled clips hold the panel in. Ensure the clips are with the panel. This will ensure easier installation when finished. Set panel aside.

Remove lower driver side dashboard trim.

  1. Remove 10mm bolt at lower left corner of panel. This bolt was exposed by removing the kick panel.
  2. Remove two 10mm/Philips screws from lower edge of dashboard trim.
  3. The panel is held in by clips. Start at the bottom edge of the panel and using trim tool work around the edge until all clips are loose.
  4. At this point the panel will be loose but there are still several electrical connectors holding it. It is not necessary to remove these connections. Allow the panel to hang.

Install N2 Designs Wiring Harness.

  1. The provided wiring harness allows for add on modules (Cellphone Integration available separately) and is also compatible with other vehicles. This harness has several connectors that WILL NOT be used for this installation.
  2. Locate the BLACK connector on the bottom right of the steering column and disconnect it.
  3. Route the supplied harness with the two black connectors behind the dash and up to the connector. Connect the factory wiring connector to the harness and then plug the harness into the steering column. Route the wire harness with the other wires in the area. SHOWN WITH HARNESS INSTALLED
  4. Route the white connectors labeled “B” to the upper left side where the engine control units are located.
  5. Using the image for reference remove the ECU connection indicated. Take the factory harness and plug into the connector labeled “B” (remove sticker to make connection). Plug harness into ECU.

Connect to N2 Designs Auto Start Module. FIGURE 7
The power connection and program button hold must be accomplished simultaneously. If you don’t get the programming lights indicated simply unplug and start over.​

  1. Locate the small 4 pin BLACK connector that connects to the N2 Designs Auto Start Module. There are two small black 4 pin connectors. Only 1 is keyed to fit the N2 Designs Auto Start Module.
  2. While holding the program button in on the module connect the power connector to the module. A single blue light will illuminate on the module. Release the program button. If you hold the button too long the light will change to different colors and combos.
  3. Connect the long white connector to the same side of the N2 Designs Auto Start Module as the power connector.
  4. Connect the small WHITE and the small RED connectors to the opposite side of the N2 Designs Auto Start Module.

Pair N2 Designs Auto Start Module to Vehicle.

  1. With all connections made to vehicle and N2 Designs Auto Start Module.
  2. One single BLUE light illuminated on N2 Designs Auto Start Module.
  3. Turn the vehicle ignition on. Press the Start button twice.
  4. The light on the N2 Designs Auto Start Module will go off.
  5. Shortly after the blue light on the module will start flashing rapidly.
  6. Pairing is now complete. Turn off the vehicle. One press of the Start button.

Stowing N2 Designs Auto Start Module

  1. Route the connected module and wiring harness up behind the ECUs. There is an open area the module and the harness wires can be stowed securely.

Test the auto Auto Start

  1. Close all doors and hood.
  2. Ensure the vehicle is in a well-ventilated area to avoid exhaust gas inhalation.
  3. Press the lock button on the key fob three times SLOWLY (About 1 sec per press). The N2 Designs Auto Start Module is listening for 3 button presses registered by the OEM key system. If you push too quickly it won’t register the button presses.
  4. The vehicle should start its auto start process.
  5. To shut the vehicle off once started with the module press the lock button 3 more times.


  1. Install the trim in reverse of the removal process.


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