2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon

by Oscar

Build Specs

  • Year: 2020
  • Make: Jeep
  • Model: Gladiator
  • Trim: Rubicon
  • Engine: 3.6 Pentastar
  • Transmission: 8 speed Auto
  • Lift Kit: Sky Jacker 2.5
  • Tires: BFG KM3 37×12.5r17
  • Topper: AluCab Explorer Canopy

The Gladiator story

Hello everyone. My name is Oscar and this page is dedicated to the build of my family’s new Gladiator.
Like many people who start a new family find out, as the family expands the vehicle… does not. So we decided to retire our 2012 Wrangler 2 door. Initially we tried a Tacoma but quickly found out it didn’t suit us. We are a Jeep family and nothing else was gonna fit us. We started looking at Wrangler Unlimiteds until we saw and test drove the first Gladiator we saw on a dealer lot. Shortly afterwards we began digging into exactly what options we wanted. Our hardest choice of all of them was color. We went with Destroyer Grey which was a pull over from the Dodge muscle cars but Jeep marketing renamed it Sting Grey. We prefer the Destroyer name and FCA still revers to it as Destroyer Grey internally so well go with that name for our paint color of choice. We made our final decisions around the end of August and began looking for dealer who would work with us.

We place our order and deposit with a dealer in Idaho on September 5th 2019 and our new Jeep rolled off the assembly line on September 17th. And that’s where we hit a snag. Our Jeep failed quality control for what we would later find out was push pins on the front fender liners. Which doesn’t sound like much of a problem but it took them over a month to fix this and despite all our questions to the Fiat Chrysler Association complaint escalation team no one could tell us why. The total lack of information almost pushed us to the point of canceling the order. Luckily I told my story to a industy friend of mine and he put me in touch with a senior official at Jeep and he got the issue fixed, my Jeep shipped, and put us at ease about the issue.

Our Jeep left the lot in Toledo Ohio on Oct 20th 2019 and was unloaded in Roeper Utah in early morning on the 29th. As of halloween night we are waiting for a truck to haul our new family member to the dealership so we can pick it up.

Below you will find all the upgrades, modifications, and additions we have added to our new trail pony. Check back often as we will update this page as we go. This page is a summary of the build to date. If you would like more information about an item click on the link at the end of the section for a more detailed post. Thanks for checking out our build of the 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon.


Jeep delivered to dealer. Update here!!!

DAY 1 with the new Gladiator. Check out the video here.

30 day build update video here


Bumpers and Winch

The great people at Rugged Ridge have hooked us up with their all new Arcus stubby bumper and Trekker 10k winch. Super stoked to get these installed and reviewed.

Wheels and Tires

For this build BFGoodrich hooked us up with their AMAZING new KM3 in a 37×12.5r17 size.
We plan on wrapping these tires around the TACTIK T-742. These bad boys come from Quadratec and have 5in backspacing. Just enough to make room in the wheel well for the tire to turn and flex rub free but not so much that they extend excessively outside the fender.

Once these are installed and mounted an update and full review will be posted here.

Lift Kit

Lifts for the Gladiator are slowly beginning to hit the market and they will only get better as this new Jeep’s suspension requirements are tested and engineered. We are too impatient to wait for that so we have a light lift to get us going until we find the best option. For the initial build we are running the  Sky Jacker 2.5 inch Front / 1 inch Rear Long Travel Coil Spring Kit with M95 shocks. Can’t wait to see how this budget friendly lift handles the overland terrain. The M95 shock has interesting reviews excited to give them a shot.

Sleeping and Gear Arrangements

The AluCab canopy is the perfect host for our TJM roof top tent with Annex. ARB makes our current awning but we have a 270° one on order along with a new hard sided tent. Cant wait to get it. Till then check out this post for a review of the AluCab

AJT Key Fob

I love the AJT KEY FOB replacement for the Toyota Tacoma I had and the one for the Gladiator is just as nice and feels alot better in the pocket than the factory one did. Check out our assembly video here.


There are so many different pieces of armor that the JT can benefit from. From belly skids to body cladding to rock rails you can find what we have done to the JT here.

Interior Organization

Check out this section for all the little things we have done inside the Jeep Gladiator’s cab to keep the clutter down and store our items in a useful manner. The page is located here


For our airing up and other air requirements we have opted to run the ARB Twin compressor in their all new under seat mount. It is a fantastic setup and you can find out more here.

2 thoughts on “2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon

  1. Hi,
    I’ve noted we have a few things in common… Jeep Gladiator and work that takes us to KSA.
    Anyway, I was wondering if you could provide information on the antenna and antenna mount I noticed on your Gladiator hood sticker replacement youtube video.


    1. Absolutely.
      I’ve actually changed it up as I found my ground plane was poor with that antenna setup. I now us the rugged radios mount and a diamond zero ground plane antenna. If you shoot me an email at offmapoverland @gmail I’ll send you a picture and the links


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