Off Map PreRunner

2021 RZR XP PRO 4 SPORT- At least it started out that way, until it got into the garage.


These great companies have helped us get the team pre-runner ready to assist the team!!


Dynojet makes some essential parts for every RZR out there. Specifically we run all their tubes and clutch parts. If you know the PRO XP you’ve heard of the clutch issues. I am convinced this pressure plate is the only reason we have not exploded one. Get yours and compare to factory and see why.


We run a lot of Westin lights and hard parts on the race cars and chase trucks. They are quality pieces and we love them.


PRP is our go to for all things harness related. PRP harnesses save our bacon on a regular basis. Highly recommended for anyone riding or racing.


We run the Terra45 on both our race car and on our Chase1 car. Superwinch has helped us in many of situations and can’t recommend this winch enough. She works and works well.


The newly released Super Digger III is our tire of choice. For desert racing we really like this tire. Click on the link above to see more info about the latest Yokohama for UTVs and other desert cars.

Trinity Racing 

Trinity set us up with the secret go fast sauce. Exhaust, tune, and clutching this gives us an awesome top speed. Thanks Jake you are the bomb.

Jed Head Wraps

If you like the way our Chase car looks talk to Jed. He designed and cut out the vinyl at a beyond reasonable price!!!!


Dustin is a fellow racer and a solid dude. If you need anything UTV related check him out first. Support those who support the racing and riding that makes up our sport!

Factory 55

This is hands down the best recover gear ever made. Look into it and you will see why. Every car we own runs their gear. Demand the best when you are in the worst situation.


For the 2021 season we are focusing on the Bonneville Off-Road Racing  series. This series is local to us and we really love the camaraderie and environment at these races. If you are in the Utah, Nevada area I highly recommend you take a look at BOR.

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We are racing King of the Hammers!

After helping freinds chase KOH glory for the last several years we are taking our own car to Johnson Valley!!!! Looking forward to seeing all our friends and enjoying a great time racing the B3 class.


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