Bandit OffRoad Racing #33

Rzr XP Turbo

by Cody aka Quadabaum


These great companies believed in us and joined us on our racing journey to help get the #33 car podium ready.

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build specs

“Bandito #33”

Welcome to my driver profile. My name is Cody aka Quadabaum and this is my Rzr build. I drove this brand new Rzr off the lot in December 2019 and immediately got hooked. This started as a hobby and quickly grew into a lifestyle as I have moved into racing. I am a team member of Bandit OffRoad Racing and good friend of the Off Map Racing team. 2021 is my first season racing, I am entering into a few Mideast Hare Scramble races and racing all the Renegades Racing Series that I can. The dream is to one day race Ultra 4 in my own Rzr at the King of the Hammers. Follow along on my journey with Bandit Off-Road Racing as I set out to make a name for myself in the East coast racing community.

KWT Pre-Filter

This filter is a must have if you drive in dusty conditions. When racing, you never know what conditions you may run into and we want to keep our engine healthy for many race seasons to come. We chose KWT filters due to their overall design and commitment to the racing community. This filter is a simple install and requires no wiring, switches, or power. Just install and feel confident your engine will breathe clean air for years to come.

Savage UTV Belt case and first aid kit

I want to always be prepared for what may happen on the race course when not near pits, this made the Savage UTV cases a must have for me. The belt case comes with tools you may need to change your belt on the side of the trail and keeps my belt clean. The first aid kit is a complete kit that could help in a pinch on the course when things go wrong and you are far from the pits.

Trinity Racing exhaust, tune, and clutch kit

I knew I wanted every edge I could get when racing and a few extra HP never hurt. I chose Trinity Racing due to their involvement in the community and range of high quality performance products. We installed the Trinity Racing full exhaust, clutch kit for 30″-32″ tires, and dynojet tuner with Trinitys custom tune. This combination woke the Rzr up big time with smooth engagement, acceleration, and top end speed.

Rough Country MLC-6 & LED Pods

We like to trail ride at night and we knew some of the races we entered would be night races. This meant we needed good lighting and a clean way to install our electronics. The RC MLC-6 and 2″ led pods were the perfect solution. We did a custom install of the MLC-6, with a write up coming soon. This system provided plenty of light and a clean/safe install for our electronics.

XPrite usa chase light

I race ina lot of terrain, ranging from tight woods to wide open dusty straight aways. I wanted to make sure the competition would be able to see me no matter what the condition was. I chose Xprite because of the value I got out of the kit. Xprite allows you to choose between 7 signals and wire the red lights into your brake lights. I hooked this up to my Rough Country MLC-6 and never looked back.

PRP seats 5.3 sfi 16.1 harness

I wanted safety and comfort built into 1 harness that could also meet the strict race tech regulations for the various series we wanted to race. I went with PRP seats harnesses and trust them to keep me safe from start to finish and everywhere in between. You cannot beat the quality and comfort of these harnesses.

L&W Fabrication upper & Lower A arms

It didnt take me long to get a little wild in the Rzr and bend a stock a arm at Top Trails in Alabama. I didnt want to ride around with a bent arm so bought a pair of L&W fab lower arms. I opted for high clearance and they come with a lifetime bend/break warranty so I wont have to worry about buying a 2nd set. I had them powder coated to match by a local friend of a friend.

B&M Fabrications Standard Rock Sliders

I knew I would be rock crawling in teh Rzr and didnt want to damage the body/plastics too much but I also didnt want a pair of large and gawdy rock sliders. This led me to B&M, which is a small shop in Minnesota. They had the best set I had seen to match my build. I had them powder coated to match by the same powder coater that did my a arms. Fun fact, the image to the left is immediately after rolling the Rzr at Durhamtown, no serious damage or injury occurred for the making of this image.

Raceline Podium Beadlocks and BFG KM3

I rode on the stock wheels and tires for the first year of ownership but found that I needed some larger tires when getting into technical terrain and rock crawling. After much research I ordered the Raceline Podium Beadlocks due to value, quality, and reputation. I chose BFG because they are one of the top racing tires in the industry, with tons of podiums in some of the toughest races on Earth. I run 2 sets, swapping between 30″ and 32″ depending on the course and riding style.

L&W Fabrication Roll Cage

A cage is a must have upgrade on any side by side in our mind. After we had a small “flop” at an offroad park I began looking for a cage for the added protection. A friend found this L&W fab cage for sale on a group page for a deal I could not pass up. I already knew L&W sold high quality products so getting this cage was a no brainer for us. The cage was powder coated white with a black roof, I repainted the roof flat black since it was showing signs of wear. Not only did the cage add protection for me and the wife but it also looks amazing and really stiffened the frame on the Rzr.

Big Hammer Fabrication Mounts

We tend to stay out on the trails for extended amounts of time in the hot southeastern heat and humidity so we knew we wanted to carry our Yeti 20qt cooler with us. We also wanted to carry our recovery kit, various tools and spare parts just in case. While looking for parts I found Big Hammer Fab (BHF) Yeti cooler and Rigid tool box mounts. These are solid steel and mounted using their provided hardware. BHF did a custom design for me and I painted them white to match the color scheme. These are rock solid mounts that stay put, even in the event of a roll over. We highly recommend them to anyone hitting the trails with a cooler and/or tool box. BHF also makes many other parts and accessories for all makes and models.

UTV kingz full doors

The stock Rzr doors are very flimsy and barely protect from anything. I tried lower door inserts but still didnt like the look and feel so I ordered UTV Kingz full size doors kit. I chose this kit because it looked like high quality at a great price point. I also like the way they reinforced the door frame and kept the top of the door with the Rzr body line. Not to mention, these doors gave me a lot of room to share my great sponsors.