This vehicle has now moved onto a new home with a true Toyota enthusiast. Click the button below to see our current build of the 2020 Jeep Gladiator.

Taco Truck

This 2019 Toyota Tacoma Double Can was the brief interm vehicle while we eagerly awaited the Jeep Gladiator release. While not with the team for very long it served well as a family adventure rig and chase truck in the grueling King of the Hammers races.

The Tacoma had 4 doors and space …

for all the gear we needed. It was a logical choice till something better came along. Car seats don’t fit rear facing in the back very well but it did great otherwise.

Old Man Emu

provided the lift necessary to clear 33in tires and Mob Town Off-road hooked us up with a rack that allowed use of the OEM tonneau cover. Kept us high and dry despite the wet winter weather. More Info


made sure our necessary electronics were secure and always at the ready. Radio, Gauges and the all important race map by Cartotracks kept us on the right path to the next pits and even ensured we found our car when it broke down.  More Info

Auto Start

Full disclosure N2 Designs is having me write a new install guide for this kit so if these end up being very similar to his included instructions in the future you will know why. This is not how … Keep Reading

AJT Key Fob

This is the first mod I have done to the Tacoma. Not because it was the first thing I wanted it’s just the first one to show up.
The first thing I noticed about the Tacoma when I test drove it was the PTS (Push to Start) key is very flim… Keep Reading

Tacoma OCD Organizers

I hated how the glove box was a giant waste of space. That type of cavernous opening meant stack it high and hope it doesn’t fall or waste it. Brows Keep Reading