Off Map Racing #908

The 908 started out life as a 2020 Polaris Pro XP 4. Shortly after being picked up it underwent the knife to become the Race Car you see here.


For the 2023 season we are not focusing on a specific series. Expanding our horizons and chasing events outside of the state of Utah this year is going to be fun. Watch for us at the Mint 400 in March to kick off our 2023 season.


These great companies have helped us get the 908 ready to race.

  • Superwinch  
  • Westin
  • XCOMP tires  
  • Corbeau Seats 
  • Wilwood Brakes  
  • TachForm 
  • Roosters Brewing
  • Mob Armor GPS
  • Peugh’s Brews
  • Trinity Racing 
  • All Thingz UTV 
  • Prescott Custom Wraps 
  • Redtide Canopies 
  • HCR Racing
  • Kryptonite Products
  • PCI Race Radios


We run the Terra45 on both our race car and on our Chase1 car. Superwinch has helped us in many of situations and can’t recommend this winch enough. She works and works well.


We run a lot of Westin lights and hard parts on the race cars and chase trucks. They are quality pieces and we love them.

xCOMP Tires  

Aggressive is an understatement! This tire is a beast!
Maximum traction and grip on the shoulder area of tire, when its needed the most! Putting these on our race car gave us the corner stick and straight-line stability we were missing.

Corbeau Seats and Harnesses

New for this year we have gone to a hard shell seat and replaced the old suspension seats we started with. Corbeau has always been a huge name in seats and we are excited to be teamed with them for the upcoming seasons.

wilwood Brakes

These things are amazing. This car has always struggled with brakes. Shes big and in polaris’s wisdom a 2 piston caliper on each corner was enough. Wrong. Well thanks to Wilwood we now have 6 piston calipers and floating rotors on each corner. Finally can stop this big girl.

Trinity Racing 

Trinity set us up with the secret go fast sauce. Exhaust, tune, and clutching this gives us an awesome top speed. Thanks Jake you are the bomb.

Peugh’s Brews Coffee 

This stuff is the best coffee I have ever tried. Veteran owned small coffee business that puts a lot of heart and talent into every bag. Give the JP8 a shot. It is the team favorite!


We use TACHFORM mounts for everything. Their enduro series mounts hold our cameras and their arms and ball mounts keep our navigation aids in place.

All Thingz UTV 

Dustin is a fellow racer and a solid dude. If you need anything UTV related check him out first. Support those who support the racing and riding that makes up our sport!

Redtide Canopies 

Amazing high end custom canopies, flags, and pit mats. Look at what they offer and get yourself a good custom awning for your team!


HCR’s proprietary billet slot and tab design and catacomb boxed arms are built to withstand the vigorous beatings of off-road riding while achieving the optimal combination of strength and appeal. The quality fit and finish, ease of installation, and top shelf performance of these kits are what sets HCR Racing apart from the competition.


Amazing, no questions asked, warranty on ball joints, bearings, tie rods and many other hard parts you need for your UTV to be at the finish line or just end of your trail day. 


Proudly brewed in our hometown of Ogden Utah. Roosters is a well-known local name and we are excited to be a part of their expansion to new markets. This team is fueled by tacos and Rooster’s Beer!

prescott Custom wraps

Troy has been wrapping all the vehicles in our team and all our sister teams for a few years now. The design and attention to detail really set Prescott Custom Wraps apart. Give him a shout for anything vinyl!

PCI Race Radios 

Scott and his family are really good people. They support lots of racing in numerous ways. Great products and they support everything they sell. We love the team at PCI and are proud to run their stuff!!!

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