The idiom “Off the Map” is defined by the Macmillan Dictionary as being ‘far away from towns and cities.” Freedictionary.com says it is “in a distant, remote, or obscure state or location.” Here at OFF MAP Racing that sounds like a place we’d like to be. We want to see what hasn’t been seen in awhile or what hasn’t necessarily fallen off the map yet but is getting close to being forgotten… OR maybe it was never on the map in the first place.

Our passion is to pursue the route less traveled. In our pursuit of this we are taking the whole family. Toddlers, babies, wifes, and dogs are an enjoyable and often unpredictable element to every adventure. Through the highs and lows associated with this crazy endeavor we are making memories that will last a lifetime for all involved. 

Stay tuned as we update this site and our social media channels with our travels, vehicle builds, and other shenanigans. 


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  • We are racing King of the Hammers!

    January 4, 2022 by

    After helping freinds chase KOH glory for the last several years we are taking our own car to Johnson Valley!!!! Looking forward to seeing all our friends and enjoying a great time racing the B3 class.

  • RACE REPORT: Off Map Racing is the 2021 UTV Pro Champions

    November 16, 2021 by

    It has a nice ring to it! When we set out on this quest to field our car, we never thought we had a shot at winning the entire season in our rookie year. As the season progressed and we realized we were leading the points by a little at first and then pretty quickly… Read more

  • RACE REPORT: Knolls 250

    August 30, 2021 by

    With Bonneville Off-road Racing WHAT A RACE!!!! This race was a fun one but let me get something out of the way real quick. I should have put a race report out for the Jackpot 300, and I failed to do that. We didn’t finish that race as we lost many parts, and I had… Read more

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