AJT Key Fob

UPDATE: I loved this key fob so much I bought one for the Gladiator already.

This is the first mod I have done to the Tacoma. Not because it was the first thing I wanted it’s just the first one to show up.
The first thing I noticed about the Tacoma when I test drove it was the PTS (Push to Start) key is very flimsy and light weight. While sitting in the dealership I actually had it slide out of my pocket. With all the things I access these days having gone to electronic codes or biometrics I don’t carry a key ring anymore to weight it down and that key falling out while sitting was concerning. Granted I was kicked back with my feet up waiting on them but still. So, when I was browsing the forum and saw these I thought I’d give it a try. In addition to being a bit heavier than factory and substantially sturdier I liked that I could color match it to my Calvary Blue 2019. Despite the cosmetic appeal this change also lets it stand out from other Toyota keys.
Here is how it came packaged.
I assume the screws were in a separate bag because you can select from a few screw colors.


Comparing to the OEM fob it’s about the same size just not as rounded


To put this together is a simple task.
First step is to get the guts out of the OEM Fob. Opening it is done with the metal key inside the fob.


Once open simply move the guts to the new fob.


Next take the spring out of the hardware bag and press it into the key release.


Then insert it into the space for the release. One side is deeper the other than other, so it won’t go together backwards.


Finally place the back plate on and install the screws. Don’t crank them down just tighten them to snug and maybe a ¼ turn more.


I think it matches the Calvary Blue well.


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