We are selling our Pro XP Race car. We have been offered an incredible opportunity to change platforms, and the unfortunate result is that this car needs to be sold to recognize that opportunity.

Details on the car below the gallery

2020 Polaris RZR Pro XP4 Premium

This race car has been fantastic, and I’m sad to see her get listed for sale. It ran the 2022 season with zero DNFs and was always in the top 5. We didn’t plan on buying a new car, so during the off-season, we put a lot of work into it that the next owner will enjoy. This car is a fantastic racer or would make an epic Prerunner/play car. Race as a 2-seat, add the rear seats back and take the family for a cruise. It’s also fully street-legal. Turn signals and everything.

  • HCR Long Travel System with their Race radius rods
    • Everything converted to Turbo S lengths
  • Fox Podium Shocks
    • 2.5 Fronts / 3in Rears.
    • Custom valved by Desert Speed
    • A complete set of spare shocks included
  • Hess Chromoly Hubs
  • Hess Hub Savers
  • Hess Billet Rear Bearing Carriers (spares included)
  • Steel Steering Knuckle Retrofit (spares included)
  • Keller Adjustable Ball Joints (spares included)
  • Keller Radius Rod Nut Plates
  • Kryptonite Wheel Bearings (spares included)
  • ARP Lug Studs (spares included)
  • Kryptonite Tie Rods (spare set included)
  • New steering rack (extra included)
  • Double E Racing tuneable rear sway bar
  • Lone Star Adjustable Sway Bar links (spares included)
  • Wilwood 6-piston Big Brake setup (spare OEM set included)
  • Galfer Brake Lines (spare set included)
  • SDR Cage
  • Custom Window Net Frames
  • All Thingz UTV Firewall guards (spare included)
  • Rhino 2.0 Turbo S axles (four spares included)
  • Full Throttle Battery (New)
  • Kenwood 110 Watt Radio tuned to perfection by PCI (programming cable and software included)
  • PCI Elite Intercom wired for four seats
  • Fenix Storm Siren
  • Solid State Accessory switch setup
  • Rear View Camera (fantastic in a race)
  • S&B variable speed fresh air helmet pumper
  • Corbeau Race Seats and PRP Suspension Seats (one race set, one play set. easy to swap over)
  • Corbeau 3in Safety Belts
  • SSS Off-Road Skid plate
  • Rear Mount radiator and intercooler by CBR
  • New Chase Light Bar and BITD spec Blue light
  • Dyno Jet
    • J Tube
    • Charge Tube
    • Clutch Tube
    • Waste Gate
    • Blow off Valve
  • Dyno Jet PV3 Tuner
    • Multiple Tunes included
    • The Whalen Speed tune is incredible
  • Trinity Racing Full Exhaust
  • Hess Motor Mounts
  • EVO Catch Can
  • Milwaukee Packout Racks (perfect for tools and first aid as required for Racing)
  • Harmon Race Fuel Cell
    • 21 Useable Gallons
    • Dry Break or Dump Can Setup (Yes, you can still drive this up to a pump)
  • Custom Fresh Air Intake with prefilter
  • Desert Craft Washable Filter
  • STM primary and Secondary tuned by K&T performance (complete set of clutch spares included)
  • AIM Belt temp gauge (spare belts included)
  • Desert Craft increased airflow clutch cover for STM secondary. (we rarely see belt temps over 200)
  • Fresh Fluids throughout the car
  • 6 MRT 33in Desert Storms
  • Many More Spares than listed

Things the car needs.

  • Window Nets expire this year, and it takes roughly $300 to have a new set made
  • Another 2.5 or 5lb external fire extinguisher depending on the organization of choice

Asking Price. Sold

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