9 hours 58 minutes and 2 seconds. After three attempts we have finally crossed the finish line at the hardest race in the world. I need to thank my amazing wife most of all.

Keith is the best crew chief and friend a guy could wish for.

Black and Blue Motorsports for all their help.

Sam for all his amazing efforts and selflessness in all things Motorsports. And the rest of the team Indiana crew who has adopted us as family.

Final shout out to hands down one of my best friends and the wheel man on this endeavor Chris at Hunker Down Racing.

Chris and I go way way back. To say our friendship didn’t get tested multiple times today would be a lie. We had the entire gambit of emotions from elation on lap one when we are passing 60+ cars with the helicopter chasing us to crushing disappointment when we lost a brake line and flopped the car on the most iconic of hammer trails. Great assistance got us back on 4 wheels and headed to further shenanigans real quick.

Chris. We fucking did it buddy. Long time coming but we Fing did it man.

A lot of great companies believed in us to help us be here. I can’t thank them enough for that blind faith but it’s paid off. Never would have done it without these guys believing in a couple of dreamers. I’ll tag them in the pictures!#kingofthehammers#superwinch#prpseats#krawloffroad#trinityracing#bfgoodrich#factor55#tachform#bfgracing#proxp#proxp4#rzr#utv#sxs#utvracing#sxsracing#iwannagofast#westinautomotive#allthingzutv#dynojet

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