Bartact Seat Bag & Pet Divider

We love to travel with our 2 dogs, a 70lb Husky and a 60lb American Bulldog rescue, but at times their presence in the truck can get overbearing. They are such loving dogs that they want to be sitting right on top of you instead of the backseat, and that can make driving difficult. So I starting searching for a multi-purpose seat divider and found Bartact. This piece of gear creates a soft barrier to keep the dogs in the backseat and provides another space to store items in an easy to reach location. Bartacts gear can be used across multiple platforms and detailed pictures/instructions were hard to come by so I took some pictures to show how I handled the install on my Tacoma.


This is a pretty simple install once you realize what needs to hook where. Remove your headrest by pressing the headrest height adjustment button and pulling the headrest out. Now, position the hoop of the Bartact bag over the inside headrest hole and slide the headrest back into position. Repeat this step on both sides.

Now, slide your seat all the way to the rear. This helps create rooms to reach under the seat to attach the hook. You will want to thread the clip end of the strap down beside the seat belt. Then, reach under the seat and grab the hook and clip it to the seat framing. I used the underwire of the seat so that the strap doesn’t interact with the sliding mechanism and get damaged. Repeat this step on both sides.

Now you just have to adjust the straps as needed to position the bag in the center of the arm rest. This bag can be installed in many ways, this is how I did it for the “Pet divider” configuration.

First Impressions

This is a high quality bag. The fabric is thick and seems durable. The strap and clips provided are of good quality and really open up the possibilities to use this bag in a variety of ways. I threw it on as a backpack to show its versatility. This adds a lot of storage to the cab and doesn’t impact my daily use at all. You get 3 deep pockets, zipped front, velcro center, velcro rear, that are padded by cloth on each side and 4 mesh pockets, 2 front and 2 rear. The velcro “lid” is removable if you decide to change colors or want faster access to the pocket. The bag can be removed very quickly by unclipping the 4 buckles, 1 on each corner. This is an awesome feature if you don’t want to have it fully installed all of the time or if you want to carry the extra storage with you. Overall very impressed and another great piece of gear added that will serve a variety of uses and help corral the dogs when on those long road trips.

2 thoughts on “Bartact Seat Bag & Pet Divider

  1. Thank you for the install instructions! I purchased this for my Gladiator to keep my dog in the back seat (yes he has a seat belt system to hold him in place) and for some extra storage. When I received the divider (with no instructions) I couldn’t figure it out and put it aside. I went to try again this weekend but still had problems. I found your install/review and finally figured it out! The straps were clipped on the opposite way!! (The hoop was at the bottom of the bag). It is now installed and ready for use. Thank you again!


    1. I am glad to hear this write up helped you. Thank you for visiting the site and leaving a comment! Happy holidays and enjoy your new seat divider.


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