Today I was able to get the DMM installed.
Instead of their mounts I used some from TACKFORM
Their arms and their Cell Phone mount is top notch and holds the phone really well while still being one hand in and out.
The radio mount is a work in progress. I’m still working out what I want to do with that. The beauty of this system is once I figure that out I can mount my Nav tablet there instead. https://www.tackform.com/collection…at-for-docking-your-device-in-cars-and-trucks


And Nick over TACKFORM is super helpful. Told him I needed to figure out some way to mount the kids tablet for longer trips. If you’ve got a toddler getting to and from trails is a pain when they start getting bored. As you can tell her feet like to kick the back of the chair so I needed a way to get her fire tablet up behind the headrest so she did not kick it. I also wanted to be able to easily reach the tablet and take it down for when a show runs out or what not. Nick suggested this kit and its perfect. This will work in any rig as it bolts to the headrest pole. Here is the link. Its a great kit. Highly recommend.


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