OME Lift for gen 3 Tacoma

So I’ve been meaning to do this for a few days. In the midst of my lift install my son decided to be born. Little early for him but him and momma are happy and healthy and home from the hospital.
So I managed to get MOST of my lift kit installed.
Specs on the setup.
Front was 2 ¾ in lift
Rear was 2.25 in lift
Still has about a 1 in rake.
OME 888 coils and OME Nitrocharger 9000 struts
OME Dakar 95R (Medium Weight) leaf packs
Bilstein b110 shocks (to be installed)
Extended brake lines and bump stops (to be installed)
OME Carrier Bearing Drop
285 75 r16 Hercules TeraTrac AT2
1.25 in spacers.
OEM mudflaps on the front were trimmed to clear the tire
Driver front of fender linder was heat gunned an reshaped to stop a rub in reverse.
Still need to stuff it and see where else needs trimming.

Step 1. Organize my garage. Just bought this house so it’s a work in progress but I set it up for now till I can get my two post lift….. yeah I want one.


Plenty of room to get started


Step 2. After reading about how squeaky Dakar springs can get I decided to do the TSB for squeaking before installing them. Lots of grease on the pucks. So far no squeaks well see if it works long term.


The OME compared to the factory Bilstein is a massive upgrade. Springs are beef.


Had the alignment done at a near by shop. Good dudes there. Lots of jeep heads so they did a good job with it. This is on factory control arms.


After the lift and with the tires on. Very slight rubbing at full lock. Spacers fixed that but made the tires rub slightly on the mud flaps and fender liner when turning in reverse.


After with out spacers.


After with spacers


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