Metal fire wall?

One thing I’ve never understood is why the UTV industry insists on soft plastic for the firewall. I wonder why both the front and the rear firewalls are made of plastic. In this case, I’m referring to the front where your feet are but a few millimeters of cheap plastic from anything remotely hard blasting thru that and into your……….. bits. I’ve seen many posts recently of someone driving through the woods and being almost skewered by a branch that had migrated into the road coming through the firewall. I ride a lot where there are trees, and a number of our races run thru tree sections, which concerned me both for my safety and my passengers’ safety.

Enter the ATU (All Thingz UTV) Inner Firewall Protection Kits. We put the orange set on our Pro XP 4, and they match the wrap almost perfectly. These metal enhancements go on in about 15 min per side and give me the peace of mind and protection I wanted from a real firewall. All Thingz UTV has some great videos of these firewalls’ durability on their social media, including some pretty aggressive axe strikes not even getting thru. If you ride with any trees or other debris around, I will encourage you to take a look and see if these are right for you. They make them for a bunch of different UTVs, and they can be found here.

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