There are so many pieces of the Jeep Gladiator that could benefit from a little extra protection. Here I am detailing the pieces we have installed thus far.

Diff Covers

For the Diff Covers I went with Metal Cloak as at the time it was the best deal I could find from a reputable brand. I prefer to primer coat under body armor then hit it with a couple coats of Rustoleum truck bed liner. I think it looks decent and the ability to touch up when the cover inevitably gets beaten up is worth more to me than having a fancy powdercoat job done to it. and then subsequently getting upset when said powder coat is ripped off my a rock.

Rock Sliders

For rock sliders I opted for Rock Slide Engineering. They are local to me and make the best power step slider on the market. My wife is short and I figured it would be nice if she had a step. RSE to the rescue. Ill post a video of them in action when I get a good one.

More to come as I add more armor.

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