Jeep has arrived

The Jeep has finally arrived. Unfortunately I am unable to pick it up until after the SEMA show. My good buddy that lives near the dealership is on his way back from that show and will be picking me up for the 4 hour drive to the dealer. Cant thank him enough for taking that detour to get me and saving my kids the drive to pick up the new family truckster.

While I am up there we will be meeting up with the guys from Factor55 to get a tour of their manufacturing and sales facility and Justin is going to show us how to install the Flat Splicer on our winch line. We will also get to check out all the new stuff they are debuting at SEMA. I’ve gotten some sneak peak info that makes me super excited to see these new products from such a great manufacturer and continual supporter of off road related issues.

I’m super excited to finally get our Jeep. Currently I have a ton of parts waiting for the Jeep to include the following.

  1. Arcus bumper from Rugged Ridge
  2. Trekker 10k winch also from Rugged Ridge
  3. BFGoodrich KM3 tires in the 37×12.5r17 variety
  4. Taktic Rims from Quadratec
  5. Sky Jacker lift with M95 shocks
  6. Tazer Mini programmer for the tires and some other features I want.
  7. 67 Designs single ball mount (for my phone)
  8. Carolina Metal Masters passenger ball mount (for my tablet)
  9. Mopar slush mats
  10. AJT Key Fob Replacement
  11. AluCab Canopy.

Well technically at this point I don’t have the AluCab waiting. I still need to pick it up. I bought it used off an AEV brute and the guy is going to be meeting me in southern Utah to pick it up some time in the near future. The top is silver so I will need to figure out a way to get it wrapped or painted a closer color to our gladiator. I’m going to hold off on if I will make it match the top (i.e. Black or if we will go for a darker grey to get close to the paint color. OR maybe I’ll hold off and wrap the Gladiator and AluCab together once we figure out what we want the OFF MAP Overland build to look like.

If you have any suggestions for what that wrap should look like let us know!!!

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