2019 RZR XP Turbo

by Cody aka Quadabaum

Jumping at Sunnyside ATV Paradise Park

build specs

  • Year: 2019
  • Make: Polaris
  • Model: RZR XP Turbo 2 Seater
  • Engine: 925cc Pentastar Turbo
  • Transmission: CVT
  • Suspension: Stock, Walker evans shocks
  • Wheels: Raceline Podium Beadlock 14″x7″
  • Tires: Maxxis 29″x11″x14″ & BFG KM3 32″x10″x14″
  • Rock Sliders: B&M Fabrications Standard Style
  • Harness: Pro Armor 2″ padded 4 point

“Snail Power”

Welcome to my 2nd build page (see my Tacoma build here). My name is Cody aka Quadabaum and this is my Rzr build. The Tacoma is the first brand new vehicle I ever bought, well the Rzr was my 2nd. I drove the brand new Rzr off the lot in December 2019, almost 2 years after buying my Tacoma. The overall build philosophy is the same as the Tacoma, use high quality parts that will last the life of the car, “Buy once Cry once”, to make this a fun rig to tackle many types of terrains and tracks at low and high speeds. The Tacoma is my daily driver and allows me to get out and explore but also tows the Rzr when I get the itch to ride fast or do more serious offroading.

Pro Armor 2″ Padded 4pt Harness

If you ride in a Rzr it doesn’t take long to realize the factory seat belts just are not going to cut it in a crash. I want to keep me and my wife safe so we bought these harnesses to help do just that. The install is relatively simple but takes a little time just due to location of bolts. This mod is invaluable and I would recommend getting these before anything else. We later added a set of Dragonfire seat belt inserts to the seats, you can see the install of these in our video coming out soon.

L&W Fabrication Lower A arms

It didnt take me long to get a little wild in the Rzr and bend a stock a arm at Top Trails in Alabama. I didnt want to ride around with a bent arm so bought a pair of L&W fab lower arms. I opted for high clearance and they come with a lifetime bend/break warranty so I wont have to worry about buying a 2nd set. I had them powder coated to match by a local friend of a friend.

B&M Fabrications Standard Rock Sliders

I knew I would be rock crawling in teh Rzr and didnt want to damage the body/plastics too much but I also didnt want a pair of large and gawdy rock sliders. This led me to B&M, which is a small shop in Minnesota. They had the best set I had seen to match my build. I had them powder coated to match by the same powder coater that did my a arms. Fun fact, the image to the left is immediately after rolling the Rzr at Durhamtown, no serious damage or injury occurred for the making of this image.

Raceline Podium Beadlocks and BFG KM3

I rode on the stock wheels and tires for the first year of ownership but found that I needed some larger tires when getting into technical terrain and rock crawling. After much research I ordered the Raceline Podium Beadlocks due to value, quality, and reputation. I order 14″x7″ so I could swap out my 29″ Maxxis when I wanted to hit tracks and run the 32″ KM3s for rockcrawling and technical riding. These are on order so I only have the stock images from websites. This is the first big mod to the RZR I have bought. I will have some weight comparison specs and short video on our Youtube channel of the wheel and tire install when they arrive.

L&W Fabrication Roll Cage

A cage is a must have upgrade on any side by side in our mind. After we had a small “flop” at an offroad park I began looking for a cage for the added protection. A friend found this L&W fab cage for sale on a group page for a deal I could not pass up. I already knew L&W sold high quality products so getting this cage was a no brainer for us. The cage was powder coated white with a black roof, I repainted the roof flat black since it was showing signs of wear. Not only did the cage add protection for me and the wife but it also looks amazing and really stiffened the frame on the Rzr.

Big Hammer Fabrication Mounts

We tend to stay out on the trails for extended amounts of time in the hot southeastern heat and humidity so we knew we wanted to carry our Yeti 20qt cooler with us. We also wanted to carry our recovery kit, various tools and spare parts just in case. While looking for parts I found Big Hammer Fab (BHF) Yeti cooler and Rigid tool box mounts. These are solid steel and mounted using their provided hardware. BHF did a custom design for me and I painted them white to match the color scheme. These are rock solid mounts that stay put, even in the event of a roll over. We highly recommend them to anyone hitting the trails with a cooler and/or tool box. BHF also makes many other parts and accessories for all makes and models.